Matte Finish Bike Polish
WaveX Matte Finish Maintainer, a revolutionary product manufactured by WaveX Auto Care that cleans, protects and maintains all matte surfaces and components. About the product-: Cleans enhances and protects the vehicle's matte surfaces and components. Doesn't add an 'extra shine'...
from Rs. 290.00
Chrome and Metal Polish
No More OXIDATION,DISCOLORATION or RUST Wavex Chrome and Metal Polish is the go to product for bringing back life to all the metal surfaces. The product is a specialist in bringing back the showroom look to all the metal surfaces...
from Rs. 363.00
Instant Shine Car and Bike Polish, Cleans and Shines Home Appliances, Rubber, Plastic, Furniture etc
 What is the WaveX Insant Spray Polish? Ready to use formulation that doesn’t require dilution. Available in 350 ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltrs pack sizes. Recommended for all glossy painted surfaces. Cleans, polishes, shines and protects metallic and nonmetallic...
Rs. 475.00 from Rs. 396.00
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